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It is the optimum mission of the DT Entertainment Technology to provide great multimedia students with a comprehensive and well rounded education in fast rapidly evolving media fields.

You have access for more information about our programs, resources and staff in the evolving entertainment field.


In existence for over 25 years, the Graphic Design Program serves both the student who wishes to transfer to a four-year college or art school, as well as other students to obtain the skills necessary for entry into the job market as a production artist in graphic design, illustration or web design.


The program emphasizes the processes of designing living, work and indoor environments as integral components of a building system. Instruction is offered in drafting and graphics principles of lighting, acoustics, furniture, textiles and applications to office, hotel, factory, restaurant and housing design.

The latest news and events in Design Technology Programs.

The Design Technology department includes the Entertainment Technology, Graphic Design, and Interior Architectural Design programs. Our mission is to prepare students for careers in rapidly evolving design and media fields through comprehensive, hands-on training. We are housed at new Design Technology complex, a satellite campus of Santa Monica College located at 1660 Stewart St., Santa Monica, California.

With offerings in more than 80 fields of study, we are also the leader among the state's 109 community colleges in transferring students to the University of California, University of Southern California and other four-year campuses.

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The school has a mission to teach the most current in entertainment technology. "The facilities and personnel are excellent" said Joe Butler. The students are hard working, disciplined and very enthusiastic. The quality of their work showed the obvious benefits of training. It was a gratifying experience to be a student.


"The best thing about the program is web design" said Stacy Lord. She learned how to present and to explain her work to the industry. "I am now a more educated designer versed in web skills as well." This is a huge accomplishment that she will continue to cultivate throughout her career. The faculty makes this a priority.


She started at SMC and was hoping to transfer to UCLA. "SMC DT feels like home to me," said Joana Karn. These days, home for Joana is Design Technology, where she studies and completes her projects. "It's really my favorite place in the whole college. Plus, all the instructors are experienced in the field."

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