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It is the optimum mission of the DT Entertainment Technology to provide great multimedia students with a comprehensive and well rounded education in fast rapidly evolving media fields.

Exemplified in this gallery are some of the best examples in the field.


The GD program is designed to provide creative environment, and to develop conceptual skills and become excellent visual communicators balanced with computer proficiency. Some of the best projects in multimedia presentations are shown in this gallery.


The program emphasizes the processes of designing interior and exterior living, work and indoor environments as integral components of a building system. Here are some of the best 2D/3D renderings projects and samples from some of the best students.

Design Technology Department is proud to annouce the Annual Spring Show to schowcase the best!

The Design Technology department (Entertainment Technology, Graphic Design, and Interior Architectural Design) will be having the annual Spring show highlighting the best work from some of the best students. Please watch for further announcements regarding actual dates for project nominations and submissions. We look forward to showcasing the best projects in video production, animation, motion graphics, web, mobile and mjultimedia presentations.

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